Chosen from Eternity Past for Eternity Future 

from eternity to eternity

Psalm 5-8 The psalmist is much like us: who are we that God would care so much for us? It is one of those questions that we struggle with off and on. God cares because we are His chosen from the foundation of the world. [Eph 1:4] He not only chose us, but He predestined us to be chosen that He might lavish His love upon us. He sent His Son to redeem us and the Holy Spirit to seal us. It is humbling to consider the works of His hand, His purpose, and his plan to redeem us from the enemy’s clutches. We heard the gospel of your salvation, and we chose Him. We no longer wonder why He would care so much for us as we also understand that part of that plan was to clothe us with honor and majesty. [Ps 8:5]

This is a humbling thought and one for which we need to praise Him because He chose us, redeemed us, and adopted us into His kingdom. 

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