The Past is the Past

The past is the past

Job 28-30 That was then; this is now

Job continues his soliloquy, and now he remembers what life was like when all was well. How often do men return to the past and resonate with memories of how well life was like “then.” But, now Job continues to try to understand the why of all of this. Why has God allowed all of this? In some ways, he is like Hezekiah as he lay on his sickbed telling God how he had been faithful. Job and Hezekiah are alike in that they both seek wisdom for what has befallen them. Hezekiah never tells us if he understands, but Job says this about wisdom. “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.'” [Job 28:28]

That was then: when all was well, but now, life is burdensome, and Job finds little peace in this. He reminds God that he is ready to meet the grave. As I read that, I thought of my parent and wondered was that on her mind? Will that be me when I am nearing death? What will be my thoughts?

That was then; this is now. Capture that and run with it. Enjoy the now for tomorrow, for who knows what will be our path.

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