What is your R.S.V.P.?

Jesus has an invite for you

2Chron 30 “An Invite that is Rejected.”

With great energy, Hezekiah continued his reforms for his nation. He wisely sought counsel from his officials and sought to protect Jerusalem from invaders while trusting in God to be his guide. He sought to reunite the kingdom that had been divided through the observance of the Passover and sent messengers with invitations as far north as Zebulun. But much like the people in Jesus’ parable in Luke 14, the people responded, Sorry, but I have work to do that cannot wait, etc. followed by “Please excuse me.” In addition, many mocked and ridiculed the messengers. 

In the parable Jesus taught, the invited had one main reason; they were “just.too.busy” to come. Their priorities were self first and God last; they were stubborn. How like the world today when the invitation is given to accept Messiah. They offer these excuses: that is ok for you but not for me or another time, or I am doing just fine and I don’t need God; or lastly, I am “just.too.busy.”

Those that chose to come to the Passover were blessed and rejoiced in the celebration. So it was in the parable; those that came filled the Master’s house to overflowing with rejoicing!

God’s invitation is for all. How will you respond? Are you ‘just.too.busy.’ or will you answer, Yes, Lord! 

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