From a Man’s Perspective.

God's ways are best

Numbers 36 “God Provides and Protects, even if we don’t understand at first!”

Zelophehad had been a devoted father, but he had no sons, only daughters. We know he was faithful because the daughters eulogized him in chapter twenty-seven; “Our father died in the wilderness, although he was not part of the company of those that gathered themselves together against the Lord in the company of Korah but died for his own sin, and he had no sons.” [Num. 27:1-11] Because the tribal lineage passed through the male line, their father’s name would be lost from among his family; so they asked Moses to rule regarding their father’s inheritance. Now in chapter thirty-six, we find that the heads of their tribe came to Moses with a “sticky-wicket” problem of marriage. If these daughters married outside their tribe, the inheritance would pass to the new husband and the new tribe. At first glance, this seems presumptuous, but in hindsight, we see how these men were aware that some men might take advantage of these women to get their inheritance plus that of the daughters.¬†

¬†Moses concurred with the men, and the girls agreed. How often do we not see what is ahead but others do. Women take heart, men know men better than we do. They understood that there are unscrupulous men who seek to take advantage; of women. Proverbs 6 and 7 provide us with how to be prudent in the face of these kinds of “wicked” men. God has provided this story to show us how they were acting unselfishly with the motive of protection for these women.

Again, women, listen – men know men better than we do! Heed this instruction and obey!

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