Are you a sweet aroma to God?

Be a sweet aroma

Numbers 28-29 “What Does Your Calendar Reveal?”

Is your calendar full of appointments? Do you include God as you begin each day? To help the Israelites, God included significant days on their yearly calendar, and on those days, they were to bring offerings that would be a sweet aroma to Him. They were to plan and choose each offering intentionally.

Do you spend time each day to prepare your heart so you can be a sweet aroma to others as you spread His love to all, not just on special days but every day?

“Christ also loved us and gave himself for us, a sacrificial and fragrant offering to God.” [Eph 5] Jesus was the perfect atoning sacrifice. When we accept Christ’s sacrifice, it should produce a fragrant or sweet aroma that permeates or bring to mind the knowledge of the Messiah as we walk this earthly life. “To the saved, we are a sweet aroma of Christ, but to the unsaved, we are an odor or a stench of death to death.” [2Cor 2:15]

God doesn’t want an occasional “holiday appointment” but a daily appointment, not an excuse of why our life is busy with appointments that have no eternal value. He gave the best; what is the best you are giving to Him?

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