Nehemiah 8-10 The Joy of the Lord!

God's joy is given to us for our strength

God is good; his commandments are good. If we obey Him and them, He will give us joy and blessing. 

 Ezra had spent many years in Babylon, “dedicating himself to the study of the Law of the Lord, to its observance and to teaching its statutes and judgments.” [Ezra 7:10] Now the people asked him to bring the book of the Law and to read it for they were eager to hear what God said. 

Are we eager to hear the words of God? Do we hunger and thirst for righteousness so we can be satisfied? [Matt 5:6]

 Ezra read from morning to midday so the people might understand how to honor God. As they read, their hearts were pricked, and they began to weep. The Levites helped them understand that today was a holy day and not grieve for the joy of the Lord God is their strength, and they did. 

Is our heart pricked, and do we grieve when God’s Word is read? Is the joy of the Lord our strength? [Nehemiah 8:10] God is good, His commandments are good, and obeying them brings us joy and blessing. 

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