1 and 2 Thessalonians “Prayer Warriors”

Paul, Silas and Timothy are true praying persons. No matter the situation, we can find them praying for this new fledgling church even after facing persecution in Philippi and now the Judaizers who followed them to Thessalonica. They are a reminder of the verse that says a three stranded cord cannot be broken or like […]

Acts 15 “The Doctrine of Faith Alone”

Dr. Luke again has brought us full circle from Acts 2 to here, showing us the overwhelming presence of God as the emerging church victoriously overcomes the works of Satan. He has shown us the character qualities of God: “a God of forgiveness, merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and unfailing in your loyal […]

Living Victoriously

James 1 In times of testing, we can sit idly by or seek God’s comfort. We can seek understanding, and we can, through it all, be joyful. The fruit of our testing is endurance. It is also seen in how our heart has been touched and our motivations altered. We are no longer seeking just […]

Birthdays! Celebrate!

Acts 1-3 and 4-6 Let’s Celebrate the Birthday of the Church!It’s really funny when memories of something of years ago return to remind you of something special. In John’s gospel, we read that the forerunner, John the Baptist, prophesied that someone would come to him for baptism one day. When that happened, God said that […]

Tomb Visitors

John 20 As Mary went to the disciples with the message that Christ had risen, only two left the “safety” of the upper room to see if what she said could be true. What motivated them to go? The two that ran were Peter and John, and as it would be, Peter again shows us […]

The Price He Paid

John 19 John turns our attention to the small band of persistent faithful followers as they and he became witnesses. It was this tenacity, this indefatigable belief in Jesus as THE CHRIST that carried them to this point in time. John 19:25 “Now standing beside Jesus’ cross were his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the […]

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Mark 15, Matt 27 It seems that the religious leaders conveniently forgot this commandment God gave through Moses. They were, as Mark noted, envious of Jesus. They tried in vain to remove Him from leading the people. Interestingly, earlier, the people had tried to make Jesus a king, but He removed himself so that could […]

“Serving Until the Very End”

John 13 Jesus knew his departure from this world was imminent. Yet note what John recalled: Jesus knew that he was leaving this world BUT he was returning to His Father. When we face that unwelcome companion that will enter our sphere do we have that same confidence? Are we sure that after our last […]