Are you Prepared to go?

Ezra 1-4 God’s Servant What does a servant look like and act like? Ezra was a Jewish scribe living in Babylon during the 70 yr. captivity that God ordered to discipline his errant children. Jeremiah prophesied about it, Daniel read about it, and Isaiah prophesied about a king named Cyrus who would release them. Ezra […]

“What legacy are you leaving?”

2Chron 33 If someone would open your life’s diary what would they read? Would it be like the life of King Manasseh who had a godly father in King Hezekiah or would it read that you rebelled and refused God’s ways…until… The Chronicler records these words: the annals record all of King Manasseh’s sins and […]

What is your R.S.V.P.?

2Chron 30 “An Invite that is Rejected.” With great energy, Hezekiah continued his reforms for his nation. He wisely sought counsel from his officials and sought to protect Jerusalem from invaders while trusting in God to be his guide. He sought to reunite the kingdom that had been divided through the observance of the Passover […]

The Contrasts: Pride & Humility

2Chron 26 Pride goeth before the fall. Uzziah started with glowing statements of following God, but like Joash, who was faithful only as long as his mentor Jehoiada the priest was alive.  Uzziah, similarly, was only faithful during the lifetime of the priest Zechariah, who had faithfully taught him how to honor God.  Both Joash […]

Ahab’s Foolish Decision

2Chron 17-19 Jehoshaphat did right because he followed David’s example. Sounds good, right?  However, he made a glaring mistake when he decided to ally with “wicked” king Ahab. What was he thinking? 🙁  1Co 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.” Second mistake. Jehoshaphat listened and agreed to join Ahab in a battle. 🙁  However, before he […]

Rehoboam’s foolish Decision

2Chron 10-13 and 1Kings 12 Slow learners reap enormous consequences  God had promised Solomon that HE would keep his kingdom strong if he was obedient to Him and honored him. What happened along the way is anybody’s guess, but this we do know: Solomon’s heart was drawn away by his idol worshiping wives. He fathered […]