Which coach are you following?

Is 34-37 In Football, sometimes a player fumbles the ball, and the touchdown is given to the opposing team. When Sennacherib tried to get Hezekiah to fumble the ball, he had no idea of the outcome! In Psalm 2, we see how God handles fumbles! “the one enthroned in heaven laughs in disgust; the Lord taunts them,” Then he sends in another team […]

Evangelism vs Counter-evangelism

It seems that no matter where we turn we are faced with the false lies of the enemy of our souls.  Satan is not only a master deceiver but he is a master at distraction. Just as Jesus said, he will plant tares among the wheat and therefore, we should not be surprised when we […]

Storms as Life Lessons

Yesterday as we were helping a young couple pack and move, their 10 mth old was wrestling with himself on the floor. He wanted to sit up but no one was helping him. He just kept persevering and before he knew it there he was in a sitting position. It was a vivid illustration of […]