Perspective Matters

Ezekiel 19-21 The way we see things may be different than other people’s perspectives. We may see our situation as challenging but manageable, but others living near us see this COVID-19 as challenging but unmanageable. The exiles in Babylon were living in isolation just as we are today. They wanted answers; they wanted to “go […]

Peace & Perspective

Romans 12:18 It’s All About Perspective Paul reminds the Romans reading his letter: If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all people. What if you are finding the situation in which you are nearly impossible? What do you do then? First, you return to his words at the beginning of this chapter: I exhort you or I […]

Jesus is the True Manna

How often do I fail to realize that Jesus is the Always Abundant Bread of Life? As I was reading John 6 I once again saw how he, the  Apostle John, continues to provide opportunities for my eyes to be opened and for me to see the Living Water and the Healer of all diseases! […]

The Blah Days…How Do You Get Through Them?

There are days when it feels like you have experienced nothing but the blahs, nothing but problems, as if someone has used you for a punching bag. Do you turn to a self-pity party or do you turn to God? How does turning to God change your perspective? In all these three psalms (86-87-88) the […]