Acts 23 “When Morning Gilds the Skies”

How do you face each new day and especially when it seems that the skies have fallen in and all of the world is against you? The Hymn “When Morning Gilds the Skies” originally written in German and translated into English by a Roman Priest offers to us a view that we should consider. The […]

Lord I am Awake!

Are you a persistent prayer warrior? These three psalms give us a clue as to what that entails. Persistent prayer begins in the wee hours of the morning. King David  began each morning this way and ended it as well. ““In the morning.” This is the fittest time for intercourse with God. An hour in […]

O Worship the King — Psalm 104

When you woke up this morning did you stop to think of what had gone on from the time you dropped off into slumber-land until you arose? Did you stop to think or consider that unlike machines which often sputter and go clunk (think cars here) our earth has continued on its merry way unfettered […]