Trust God first and always

1Sam 21-24 The downward spiral of King Saul is revealed, and his jealousy overtakes his ability to make wise decisions. In sharp contrast, David uses the circumstance in a cave to teach his followers what it means to lead and how followers should follow. Christ did the same in the NT when He told the […]

Fear of Man or Fear of God?

Nehemiah  6-7 Principle #1 When you are in leadership, there will be opposition. Principle #2 Fear is our biggest enemy. Principle #3 Believers need discernment. Nehemiah had learned all three as he served the pagan king. and therefore was successful in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.  God uses any time we serve to learn the […]

Saving a Deliverer

Exodus 1 to 4 Today’s world is focused on women rising in the workforce, in politics, and in a matriarchal society while men abandon their role. How ironic it is then that God elevates women in the first part of this historical record of preserving His people until the appointed time for the “deliverer” is […]

“Presumptuous Sins”

This is one of those chapters that you need to read before you assume you understand and know what really happened. So stop here and read: Genesis 20  Abraham, what were you thinking when you told Abimelech that Sarah was your sister? Did you not learn from your foray into Egypt? If you have forgotten what Abraham […]