Trials ask us to define; which person are you?

Luke 22-24 The TestWith his masterful pen and supreme ability to describe events with such clarity, Dr. Luke leaves us breathless and wondering. Which character in the Resurrection story speaks to my heart? Am I the betrayer like Judas? NO, for there was one and only one. Do I see myself as Peter denying Jesus […]

Honest or Hypocrite?

Zechariah 7-8 God and People NoticeWhen others hear my voice or see my actions, what does it tell them about my Christian walk and talk? The leaders in Bethel came to inquire about their practices of fasting. They expected to hear that all they were doing was righteous and pleasing to God, but they were […]

Once Dead, Now Alive!

Ezekiel 37 Paul reminded the Ephesians that they “were dead” but are no longer because of the power of the energizing Holy Spirit that raises the dead to life. “And although you were dead in your offenses and sins…He made us  alive together with Christ—by grace, you are saved!” [Ephesians 2:1, 5] Ezekiel vividly illustrated […]

We need to be saved!

Isaiah 64 A recent Nat’l Geographic article related the sad trajectory of the nation of Afghanistan. The warlords are raving mad. They cry, “women are a distraction.” They relish living in the days of long ago, in darkness, depravity, and violence. They see the evidence of a holy God yet deny His presence and power. […]

Your Name is Written…

Is 49 Engraven or Inscribed Isaiah quotes the words of the Lord to those who feel God has abandoned them: “Look, I have inscribed your name on my palms;” [Is 49:16] Inscribing or engraving is done with a tool that makes it permanent, much like a tattoo. God is saying to Israel, no matter where […]