God’s Majestic Power

Ezekiel 43 Here in Dallas, there is an Arboretum with a manmade waterfall with a ledge behind it. You can walk behind the waterfall and experience the sounds and feel the spray of water. It is magical! Imagine being Ezekiel experiencing the sounds of a mighty rushing water, like a massive waterfall, as God re-enters […]

“How’s that working for you?”

Ezekiel 12-14 God had Ezekiel pantomime the end of Jerusalem to the captive elders in Babylon. Instead of watching and learning, the hardhearted exiles asked: “What are you doing?” God chose Ezekiel as an object lesson for them about their king, Jerusalem, and their Temple. The elders didn’t want to hear any of this, so […]

“El Roi – the Almighty Sees!”

Ezekiel 8 to 11 Have you ever wondered if God sees all that is happening in this world? The prophet Ezekiel was far from Jerusalem but still held “Bible Studies” in his new home along the banks of the Chebar Canal in Babylon. One day he experienced another vivid vision of a glorious figure lifting […]

Perspective Matters

Ezekiel 19-21 The way we see things may be different than other people’s perspectives. We may see our situation as challenging but manageable, but others living near us see this COVID-19 as challenging but unmanageable. The exiles in Babylon were living in isolation just as we are today. They wanted answers; they wanted to “go […]

There is a fountain….

Ezekiel 47 “Deep and Wide” As a young child in Sunday School, we were taught a little song complete with hand motions simply titled “Deep and Wide.”  It begins: Deep and Wide; Deep and Wide; there is a fountain flowing deep and wide. It is a picture of the believer’s faith. Ezekiel saw a trickling […]

Who is Lord of your life?

Ezekiel 22 – 24 “Who is Lord of your life?” People are waiting for the movie Downton Abbey to be released. People already have purchased tickets and are counting down the days. Why are people drawn to this fictitious story? One reason may be that one character, the stuffy butler, captures our heart. Like in […]

Why Me Lord?

Ezekiel 1 – 3 Ezekiel found himself celebrating his 30th birthday in Babylon having been recruited by Nebuchadnezzar’s squad of thugs. So goes the birthday! No more being a priest because there is no more temple, no more Jerusalem. Just when life couldn’t get any lower, God steps in and says I am calling you to […]

Letter From Home

Jeremiah 29  Mail call has to be the very best time in a college student or a service man’s life. It is sweet to get that snail mail that has been lovingly sent with thoughts of news of home and family. Parents and friends want us to remember that whether life is good or bad, […]