Ezekiel the Prophet Watchman


Ezekiel 1 to 3 Imagine being in captivity on your birthday. You have traveled over 900 miles with this group of captives. He knew their behavior, their attitude, and their grumbling. As he stood by the river in this strange land, he wondered what life would be like in this strange barren land. Behind him stands the city of Babylon with impenetrable walls. Jerusalem and God’s Temple is now thousands of miles away. This year would be like no other and Ezekiel would not celebrate with cake and presents. Instead, his gift is a dramatic encounter or vision of God Himself. It was so majestic that he fell on his face in adoration.

Was it a mirage or was it real? Twice God opened heaven and shared his throne room with Ezekiel. He saw something extraordinary and its beauty was beyond that of the Temple he remembers. As he stood by the riverbank, Ezekiel remembers it as the day God called him to be a watchman for these captives who are rebellious, hardheaded and hardhearted whether they listened or not. He knows these people and he knows their language. He would be God’s prophet so that they would be without excuse.

You may be like the captives away from familiar sights and sounds but God wants you to know that He remembers you wherever you are.

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