God’s Majestic Power

Ezekiel 43 Here in Dallas, there is an Arboretum with a manmade waterfall with a ledge behind it. You can walk behind the waterfall and experience the sounds and feel the spray of water. It is magical! Imagine being Ezekiel experiencing the sounds of a mighty rushing water, like a massive waterfall, as God re-enters the Temple, and the earth radiated with His glory. As before, when Ezekiel experienced God, he fell prostrate at his feet. Is this how we respond to God’s very presence as we sit before Him in our quiet time? Do we experience His power and His presence?

God called Ezekiel, empowered, and placed him where he could witness God’s return to the Temple. Ezekiel described God’s voice as that of a “sound like that of rushing water.” Previously, Ezekiel was present when God chose to leave the temple due to the sin of men. [Ezek 10:18] Now, he is given the vision of God’s presence returning. Then God hovered as He left the Temple, but here God returns quickly and with the addition of the sound of many waters or the sound of a majestic waterfall.

When God entered your life with the power of the Holy Spirit, did you then, and do you now fall prostrate and worship Him? 

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