The Inner Circle

Ezekiel 44 No matter whether you are a member of a church, social group, or a place, there are some people who are considered to be a part of the inner circle. These people are the ones “in the know.” They may know the news before others or have been given special status. Did you recognize that God has His “inner “circle” as well? In this chapter, God zeroes in on the Zadok priests and gives them special status. The Levitical priests, the descendants of Zadok, kept charge of God’s sanctuary when the other priests went astray. Because of their faithfulness, God tells Ezekiel that they alone will be His “inner circle” of trusted priests and will be able to stand before God and offer the sacrifices. The other Levites will be servants to them because they had not been faithful and had, in fact, been responsible for profaning the temple in the past, and thus, God would not be able to use their skills. They lost the privilege by their unfaithfulness.

Faithfulness has its reward, and this chapter points out that God honors those who have been faithful to Him and His ways. Are you faithful in your service to the Lord? Are you part of His “inner circle.” 

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