A Prayer for Restoration/Revival

Lamentations 4-5 Jeremiah takes us on a whirlwind tour of the destruction of Jerusalem, and we “walk” with him through the ruins of what was once a beautiful city. Not too long ago, as we walked through Ephesus, it was like seeing what might have been, and it was so in Jerusalem. The beauty and […]

How to Love Thy Neighbor….

Discipline is hard for parents and for children but this keeps both accountable and keeps the family living peacefully with one another. Paul has been acting as the parent to these precious Galatian babes in Christ who are dividing the Galatian church by their childish actions of snapping and arguing and had fallen for the […]

John 21 “Full Restoration…”

Have you ever kept yourself busy so you don’t have to think? You find busy activities to occupy your mind so that your wayward actions do not creep in and occupy your thoughts. This is the tool of the enemy so that you are hindered from service but the Master comes to us that we […]


Jn 5; Ps 126-128 “Dreaming…” The invalid of John 5 must have thought he was dreaming as he obediently picked up his mat and walked to the Temple. How could this be? Who healed me? Entering the Temple full of awe and surprise whom does he meet but the ‘religious police’ of his day; the […]