Which coach are you following?

Is 34-37 In Football, sometimes a player fumbles the ball, and the touchdown is given to the opposing team. When Sennacherib tried to get Hezekiah to fumble the ball, he had no idea of the outcome! In Psalm 2, we see how God handles fumbles! “the one enthroned in heaven laughs in disgust; the Lord taunts them,” Then he sends in another team […]

God and Our Problems

Is 34-37 The Day I “Lost it” I don’t know how I would have handled Sennacherib’s taunts, but I do know that when I am frustrated, I lose it and do it in spades, as I did today. Sennacherib is the king of Assyria, and he sent his right-hand man to taunt King Hezekiah. Wisely, […]

Parenting Tough Kids

If you have raised a godly child, consider yourself blessed. Do you know of a parent that needs some godly counsel? Why not disciple them? 2Kings 20-24  Although Hezekiah was a good king, he was not a faithful father. His son Manasseh was the worst of the worst! The Chronicle writer tells us however that […]