God and Our Problems

God and our problems

Is 34-37 The Day I “Lost it”

I don’t know how I would have handled Sennacherib’s taunts, but I do know that when I am frustrated, I lose it and do it in spades, as I did today. Sennacherib is the king of Assyria, and he sent his right-hand man to taunt King Hezekiah. Wisely, Hezekiah kept his cool and did not answer him. Instead, he took the problem to God—I should take a page out of Hezekiah’s book.

Sennacherib had been successful up and down Israel, and he thought he could take one last prize in the city of Jerusalem. He tried to get Hezekiah to fumble the ball and give the victory to him, but he had no idea who he was dealing with! That is the way it is with unbelievers. Read Psalm 2 and see how God handles taunts! “the one enthroned in heaven laughs in disgust; the Lord taunts them,” Then he sends in the artillery and takes them down just like he did with Sennacherib when He sent an angel and took the lives of 185,000 of Sennacherib’s soldiers; sent him packing back to Assyria where he was killed by his own sons. What a tragic ending, all because he refused to honor God.

“Don’t mess with God!” was the message, and unbelievers and believers as well should take note. But, as Paul noted, the adversary blinds the minds. God allows a test to see how we will respond, and Hezekiah responded correctly, but this author did not!

We tend to make light of this story, but if truth be known, God uses things like this to get our attention. When Sennacherib taunted King Hezekiah, he took it to God and let God take care of the problem. We/I should do the same, but we/I often try to solve the problem using human methods. Take a lesson from Hezekiah and learn that God can better handle our adversaries than we can. 

Stand still and see the salvation from the Lord. Did I learn yet what to do? Stay tuned, I am a work in progress A.G.A.I.N.!

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