Trials and God

God is ready to hear our prayer

Isaiah 38-39, 2Kings 20 Trials

Hezekiah faced the trial of his life; how to handle an enemy sitting at the door of Jerusalem. When we face those trials, what do we do? Some of us scream and shout. Some of us weep. Some of us sit and pray. Some of us wring our hands and say oh, woe is me. Hezekiah took Sennacherib’s letter, went into the Temple, and laid it before the Lord. There was nothing else he could do, and that is where we sometimes find ourselves. We, like Hezekiah, feel like a failure to handle the enemy sitting at our door. Psalm 3 speaks to this time. David also felt like a failure, and he had no option other than to take it to God, which is what we must do. Some days are like that and are depressing because Satan is sitting at the door of our hearts screaming what a failure we are. “many are saying of my soul, there is no salvation for him in God.” [Ps 3:2] It is then that we cry out to God: “salvation belongs to the Lord; your blessing be on your people” [Ps 3:8]

And God heard, and God answered, and God took care of the problem. God sent His angels to show Hezekiah that He was in control. God send your angels this day so that we see Your power.

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