Fools do NOT listen, Wise ones Do

2Chron 35: We love the story of the boy king Josiah, but then at the end of his life, he acted as we say “stupidly.” He had all that God could and would give him…if he asked…but he did NOT! He went to pick a fight with Pharaoh Necho without consulting God. Have I ever […]

LFL: Lessons for Life

2 Chronicles 35  The story of King Josiah teaches us that not IF but WHEN we fail to consult God, we may face severe consequences. Josiah set out to intercept Pharaoh without asking God. He went looking for trouble where he didn’t need to be. Had he consulted God, the outcome may have been different.  […]

Parenting Tough Kids

If you have raised a godly child, consider yourself blessed. Do you know of a parent that needs some godly counsel? Why not disciple them? 2Kings 20-24  Although Hezekiah was a good king, he was not a faithful father. His son Manasseh was the worst of the worst! The Chronicle writer tells us however that […]