Fools do NOT listen, Wise ones Do

Trust God

2Chron 35: We love the story of the boy king Josiah, but then at the end of his life, he acted as we say “stupidly.” He had all that God could and would give him…if he asked…but he did NOT! He went to pick a fight with Pharaoh Necho without consulting God. Have I ever done that? For sure, I have, and perhaps you have as well. Why is it that we are such a slow-to-learn person? Is it pride? Is that we are impatient? What is the lesson? Stepping out ahead of God is not the wisest thing to do, and Josiah paid with his life because of it.

As believers, we have the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us, but more often than not, like Josiah, we grieve and quench his power when we make decisions on our own. Sometimes God graciously sends an unbeliever to get our attention.  Josiah had everything at his disposal to seek God’s will, but he chose not to do so, and we are guilty of the same.

God knew from eternity past what Josiah would do, but he was even gracious to give him what we call an “out.” He allowed that unbeliever Pharaoh Necho to speak words of counsel, but Josiah, in his stubbornness; that is really what it was, disregarded that counsel. End of the story, an archer’s arrow found him and brought about his death. What can I /you learn?

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding…he will make your paths straight” [Prov 3:5]. Sometimes, God is gracious but not always as we see in Josiah’s case.

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