In the Spirit…

Rev 4-8 John writes twice that he was “in the Spirit.” What does that mean to us today? Yesterday, we recalled the words of Jesus to Peter, “Follow Me!” When we are following, we are doing as Christ. He was fully controlled and permeated by the power of the Holy Spirit. The question lay before […]

How Kind Are We?

2Cor 8 “Kindness…and Generosity” “Kindness”…a Fruit of the Spirit. The Macedonians were a poor people but a kind and generous people. They had listened to Paul’s plea to help the saints in Jerusalem who were facing difficult and challenging hardships. There had been a famine and then the double taxes put upon them left many […]

What Sustains You?

It has been said that if we don’t know God in times of peace we will not recognize Him in times of trouble. Also, if we are the Martha’s rather than the Mary’s we will be just too busy to hear the Master say “Stop your striving and recognize that I am God!” I am […]

Are you a Barnabas?

Barnabas, the man who impacted my life. God graciously places people into our lives for many reasons but the most memorable are those who come to us and leave with words of encouragement lasting upon our hearts. Barnabas was such a person. Born in Cyprus and living in Jerusalem, he so touched each life he […]