How Kind Are We?

heart.2ajpg2Cor 8 “Kindness…and Generosity”

“Kindness”…a Fruit of the Spirit. The Macedonians were a poor people but a kind and generous people. They had listened to Paul’s plea to help the saints in Jerusalem who were facing difficult and challenging hardships. There had been a famine and then the double taxes put upon them left many of them without means to take care of their personal needs. Yet, “They [the Macedonians] gave according to their means and beyond their means…they did so voluntarily.” That is kindness in real life.  The Corinthians needed a fresh reminder of this Fruit.

You know the drill. You say you will give but then you get busy and other things take a greater priority.  Maybe, like the Corinthians, we all need a fresh reminder that when we have an abundance to give we should set aside a small portion for to help others.  This is practical kindness in real life.  For us it means that we give so that others are blessed. The Corinthians were in need of encouragement to give liberally, generously and kindly just as the Macedonians had done. We may need the same.

kindness 2cor82aWhenever I read this passage the Holy Spirit pricks my heart. He is saying when you give you put feet to your words. Does it do the same for you? When God makes you aware of a need do you step out to share out of your poverty or riches or do you look at your wallet and count the bills lying on the dining room table?

This cup’s saying is my today’s reminder. How kind and generous are you, am I?


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