fence2A2 Cor 11Fences Are to Protect—that is why they are labeled


Thirty years ago a small 18 month old child fell into a well where her foot got lodged into a dogleg in the shaft. Had it not been for that, and persistence, the rescue might never had happened.  The unanswered question remains as to why the well was covered with just a rock and no fencing.

Truth: Fences are placed to protect us from danger.

Because God loves us He has erected fences called His Ten Commandments to protect us from the subtlety of Satan who comes as a roaring lion or an angel of light. Yet, often we wander away thinking that we know better and like Eve we are deceived. We fall for Satan’s lies and fall into his well of sin.

What part of “DO NOT ENTER” do we not understand?

Believer, God wants to protect us because He desires that we be a chaste bride for Jesus. Paul too felt this same way for his beloved Corinthians who had fallen for the false apostles. Vs 2: For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy, because I promised you in marriage to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. And I burn with indignation against those who have led you astray. [vs 29 author’s paraphrase]

How do we feel when see Satan’s trap sprung and a believer falls?

Does it grieve us as it did Paul? 

Are we on our guard? Are we saturating ourselves in scripture so we don’t fall?

Can we discern truth from what is false?

Believer, today watch out for others and watch out for yourself lest you too be led astray.

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