Discipling 101: Come and See

Jesus gave us a mandate: “GO and MAKE Disciples.” To teach us what he meant and the “how to” He went to the little town in Samaria and there he shared Himself as “Living Water.” He met made a new disciple; simply known as the Woman at the Well. She not only became a disciple […]

Beware of the Deadly D’s

Hebrews chapter 5: The author of Hebrews has not been remiss to remind the reader that even though they are facing persecution and difficulty in their lives they should beware of drifting and disbelief which is part of the disease of the deadly d’s. Christ is supremely appointed as our high priest according to the […]

Does God See?

As a wise parent, Solomon continues to admonish or to gently reprove his children. Why? Because “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child.”[Prov 22] If we truly love our children, then we will spend our lives teaching life principles  using the inspired, God breathed scripture which is useful for teaching, reproof, correction, […]

God’s Hard Questions

Have you ever been hit between the eyes with hard questions that stir you to move beyond where you are? You know the facts but you are failing to implement them in real life. The Holy Spirit comes and use the Word to wake you up. This is what the author of Hebrews 5 hopes […]

What Sustains You?

It has been said that if we don’t know God in times of peace we will not recognize Him in times of trouble. Also, if we are the Martha’s rather than the Mary’s we will be just too busy to hear the Master say “Stop your striving and recognize that I am God!” I am […]