In the Spirit…

Rev 4-8 John writes twice that he was “in the Spirit.” What does that mean to us today? Yesterday, we recalled the words of Jesus to Peter, “Follow Me!” When we are following, we are doing as Christ. He was fully controlled and permeated by the power of the Holy Spirit. The question lay before […]

True or False Prophets

Jeremiah 27-29 Back in Moses’ time, the people asked Moses how to tell and discern if a man speaking “for God” was really ‘from God.’ So Moses gave them a guideline. If what they say will happen happens, he is a true prophet, but if what he says does not happen, he is false and […]

True or False? How Do We Tell?

1 John 4 “True or False?” The Apostle John certainly has seen both those who are true and those who are false. Even he, like the other disciples did not see it coming when Judas was proven to be a false follower of Jesus. Remember this conversation around the dinner table that last night? “I […]