Ps 42 Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount and said, blessed is he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness for he will be satisfied. The psalmist has a similar idea in this psalm,only he just refers to thirst. Thirst is one of the greatest and most deadly of needs. Without water one ceases to […]

“From Slough of Despond to Walking with Jesus!”

Until we come to grips who we were before we were touched by the Bread of Life through His pouring out of the Living Water upon our dead souls, we are incapable of understanding the power of the rejuvenating work of the Holy Spirit. The testimony of the blind man reveals the wonder given to […]

Forever is a Huge Word…It Means Forever and Ever and Ever…

Peter has spent an entire chapter grabbing our attention as to who we are in Christ. We who have chosen Christ are now the chosen of Him. He who was called to be our sacrifice now calls us to feed, shepherd, and tend His flock. He who was elected to stand in our place now […]

Jesus is the True Manna

How often do I fail to realize that Jesus is the Always Abundant Bread of Life? As I was reading John 6 I once again saw how he, the  Apostle John, continues to provide opportunities for my eyes to be opened and for me to see the Living Water and the Healer of all diseases! […]