how are your waiting skills

Ps 42 Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount and said, blessed is he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness for he will be satisfied. The psalmist has a similar idea in this psalm,only he just refers to thirst. Thirst is one of the greatest and most deadly of needs. Without water one ceases to exist. The psalmist says he will wait on the Lord which brings us to the second principle; waiting. We can be hungry and we can be thirsty, but will we choose to wait on God’s timing to provide both? What am I hungering for? What am I thirsty for? 

The Israelites are a perfect example. They were thirsty in the wilderness but instead of waiting on God, they murmured before Him. They were hungry but instead of waiting on God’s provision they murmured. God was angry at them at their lack of trusting Him for His provision.  

Am I murmuring before God for His lack of provision all because I am not willing to wait on His timing? What am I thirsty for? Is it for the living water that God can provide or do I seek the water of that which only satisfies for now and not for the rest of my days? 

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