How do we explain this?

Responses reveal the heart

2Kings 21-22 The Hearts of Men

You may be an honorable parent, but there is no guarantee that your offspring will follow in your footsteps—unless God intervenes in their lives and touches their hearts. For example, Hezekiah was an honorable man, but his son Manasseh was the worst king of all Judah! Manasseh’s son was even more evil than he, yet his grandson was the most righteous king of Israel! How do we explain this? And what are we to learn?

First, Daniel knew and experienced this truth: “God changes times and seasons, deposing some kings and establishing others.” [Dan 2:21] Secondly, God allows men to reap what they sow. Manasseh is an example of sowing to the wind: “They sow the wind, and so they will reap the whirlwind! [Hos 8:7] Yet, despite this, Josiah “did what the Lord approved and followed in his ancestor David’s footsteps; he did not deviate to the right or the left.” [2Ki 22:2]

Indeed the words of Moses are true: You must teach the words of the Lord to your children and speak of them as you sit in your house, as you walk along the road, as you lie down, and as you get up. [Deut 6:6-7] You must pray diligently for those who will follow you. Pray for soft hearts. Pray that as they listen to God’s Word, they will obey the words they have heard.

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