How to Handle a Bully

Bullies are all around us.

2Kings 18-21 – Prov. 30:15 King Hezekiah went down in history as a wise and obedient king, but he had one flaw, as we all do, which is not trusting God when the bullies of the world, a.k.a. Satan, comes calling. Thinking that he could satisfy Sennacherib with a bribe to leave Jerusalem, Hezekiah took the gold from the Temple and sent it to him. You can never win with a bribe to the enemy, for they are just like the Proverb’s saying: “The leech has two daughters, “Give, “Give.” [Proverbs 30:15]. Satan asks for one thing and then another and then another! He is never satisfied until he has us in his grip, and that is why we must say NO the first time he comes calling. Hezekiah succumbed the first time but then, to his credit, when Sennacherib came calling the second time, he went in and sat before the Lord seeking His solution.

Hezekiah is so like “me.” My bully is the cooky jar. One cooky is not enough, but then the sweet tooth resurrects itself, and my taste buds want more and more. Today, when your bully comes calling, say NO the first time and stay steadfast, always abounding in the work of the Lord. [1Cor:15:58]

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