Doomsayers Depart!

Amos 6-9 Do you say, but I am only x, y, z? Do you not think that if God can use a sheepherder, He can use you? Or do you listen to the doomsayers who say, leave us; take your message to other people? Amos faced such backlash in Israel, which was not his home country. King Jeroboam’s priest of Bethel, Amaziah, told the king that Amos, a foreigner, was conspiring against him. Amos heard Amaziah say: “no longer prophesy at Bethel, for it is the sanctuary of the king and a royal residence.” [Amos 7:13]

Life then and life today are very much the same. We are living and moving in a growing culture of intolerance, no-platforming, safe spaces, just like Amos. Many do not want to hear the good news of the gospel. Will we be strong like Amos and reply that God has called us to tell you His good news that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life? [Jn 14:6] Choose ye today whom you will serve. [Jos 24:15]

Or is His word like a burning fire shut up in our weary bones that must be released like Jeremiah said? Is God’s Word like an unquenchable fire in your bosom?   

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