Then and Now

Isaiah 9-12 God graciously allowed Isaiah to see ahead 182 yrs. to the coming Messiah! [Is 9] As he writes, Babylon is not even a disciplinary force! Yet, God gave Isaiah a picture of history to prove what He has said will come to pass. History has proven it and shows us that God leaves nothing to chance. He has a plan for His people, you, and me.

The Lord will certainly have compassion on Jacob, He will resurrect Israel’s nation again, and there will be relief from suffering and anxiety. Just as God provided a lamb for Abraham instead of Isaac, He provided relief from bondage through his servant Joseph. He provided men like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others to record His words so that we might know and trust Him. We could make lists of His provisions that, as John said: “If every one of them were written down, I suppose the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” [Jn 21:25]

For Isaiah, it is in the future. For us, it is in the past. Yet, God has provided this so that we may trust Him. Do you believe it? Are you looking for His return?

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