Encourage Another Today!

2Thess 1-3: Paul sends his second message to encourage the Thessalonians. They were facing persecution and tribulation, so he sent them a second message filled with words of encouragement. How thankful Paul was for their endurance because he heard their faith was blossoming. How often is that true! We are in the midst of suffering; […]

Who Are You Walking With?

1Thess 4 “Which Crowd Do You Walk With?” The Pharisees were hypocrites because they were like the whitewashed tombs outside the city. They looked the part of righteousness and acted the part of the righteous but inside they were full of dead men’s bones. We are the same when we walk with the Jesus crowd […]

Jesus-Believer’s Transformation

In Thessalonica Paul preached the truth of the gospel from the scriptures “explaining and demonstrating that the Christ had to suffer and to rise from the dead, saying, “This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Christ.” [Acts 17] But his stay was short lived and as Paul left hurriedly he had visions that […]