Encourage Another Today!

2Thess 1-3: Paul sends his second message to encourage the Thessalonians. They were facing persecution and tribulation, so he sent them a second message filled with words of encouragement. How thankful Paul was for their endurance because he heard their faith was blossoming. How often is that true! We are in the midst of suffering; […]

Are You Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Hebrews 3 is a reminder that because of the faithfulness of Jesus, we who have believed all he has said and done are now given a new distinction. We are now called partners and holy brethren. This is amazing!  Jesus said, follow me and now we find that we also family members of the Apostle […]

Anointed Believers Encourage One Another

Just  as  Paul  wrote  in  his  first  letter  to  his  beloved  child  in  the  faith,  Timothy,  he  so  again  reiterates  this  love  for  him  by  calling  him  “my  dear  child.”  We may be first generation believers; 2nd or even beyond but someone modeled a sincere faith for us. We must honor that memory. As long […]

Happy New Year!!! Be Blessed!~ Be S.M.A.R.T!

2013 has come and gone or soon will be. Many of us looked back and thought about where we had been and what we had accomplished. Some of our past goals were attained but many were left in the dust because resolutions are just that—resolving without measurable attainable points. Psalm 1 and 2 may well […]