Encourage Another Today!

Be encouraged!

2Thess 1-3: Paul sends his second message to encourage the Thessalonians. They were facing persecution and tribulation, so he sent them a second message filled with words of encouragement. How thankful Paul was for their endurance because he heard their faith was blossoming. How often is that true! We are in the midst of suffering; in that time, our faith flourishes and grows exponentially! That is what Paul has noted. Their faith has grown, and their love for one another has also increased. Yet, it is in those times we must be on guard because the evil one takes that opportunity to try to undermine our faith with deception and delusional ideas.

Paul wanted to share a simple message with them as he had shared with the Corinthians; “Be firm. Do not be moved! Always be abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” [1Cor 15:58]

Who today needs this message? Who is facing hard times and needs a word of encouragement? Who is facing a difficult time, and yet their faith is flourishing? Praise God for them.

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