Fear God, Get Wisdom

Prov 1-3 How are you preparing the next generation to be wise leaders of their homes and our nation? As an author and father, King Solomon took time to write words of wisdom for his children and his children’s children. We are the beneficiaries of these wise sayings. First, there are thirty-one chapters, making it […]

Acknowledge God

Deut 33-34, Psalm 91 How comforting to know that God has angelic warriors around us in the past and even now when we do not understand or fear the unknown. Moses knew this truth: his faithfulness is like a shield surrounding us when the terrors of the day or night happen. God will order His […]

Three Extraordinary Women

Moving on from Genesis to Exodus 1 to 3, we meet three extraordinary women; Shiphrah and Puah and the mother of Moses. These heroines lived righteously in an evil and perverse nation ruled by a man “who did not know Joseph” and what he had done to save the nation of Egypt.  Shiphrah and Puah […]