Sharing the Gospel–without words

2 Kings 16-17, 2 Chron 28  We live in a neighborhood of immigrants who do not speak English. This is not a new phenomenon! 

Back in the OT times, God allowed a wicked Assyrian king to carry away the nation of Israel to his foreign land. In their place, he sent other people he had conquered who didn’t speak the language, and they brought their foreign gods and worshiped them. They did not know the custom of the God of Israel, who will not share His glory with another. [Is 42:8] God sent lions to kill them to get their attention! Today immigrants are bringing their foreign gods into our land, and they do not know the Jehovah God. He doesn’t send lions to get their attention—He sends you and I as missionaries!

The King of Assyria may have been evil, but God can and will reveal His plan to unbelievers. He revealed the problem to the king and sent a “missionary” prophet of the conquered Israelites back to tell the people about Jehovah. Just like today! You and I are “missionary” workers to bring the gospel message to the immigrants around us. Do you see yourself as a missionary to the lost around you?

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