God is sovereign so

Is 13-17 …Keep Watching!

During Israel’s troubles, God sends Isaiah with a message of hope to the nation of Israel. They had been or were to be in bondage from Babylon due to their sins of complacency. God used Babylon to serve Him in disciplining them, but they went above and beyond what God had purposed. Yet, God, in His mercy, reaches down through his prophet to send a message of hope that the enemies of Babylon and Moab will be defeated. “The Lord will certainly have compassion on Jacob; he will again choose Israel as his special people and restore them to their land.”[Is 14:1]

When life throws a curve ball and you feel defeated, keep looking to the One who controls the wind and waves. “He makes the winds his messengers and the flaming fire his attendant.” [Ps 104:4] He has spoken, and He has purposed.  He will avenge the wrongs, and the leader who boasted of great things will find his place in the dust, not on a throne of exaltation. The enemy’s cities will no longer be a city of the rich and famous but a city for ostriches and owls.

When all seems lost, keep looking up!

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