A+ or F? What is your grade?

If you have not read this story please take time now to open your Bible and read John chapter 9.

john 9 pass the testw2aJohn devotes an entire chapter to the story of the blind man who was given the gift of sight,  but he is not the only character in this story. As Jesus is leaving his time of worship and his humiliation of others who scoff and deride him, the blind beggar may have overheard the incredibly insensitive questions by the disciples about his condition. Yet, Jesus puts aside his own hurt to minister to this one who also has felt the stinging remarks of the disciples. He lovingly explained in his hearing that he was innocent of sin but now God would get the glory for the miracle He would do for this sightless man. He had “passed the test”of faith and Jesus would now prove it.

Mixing mud and then applying it to his eyes might seem rather crude but we are made of dust and to dust we shall return. Why is it any wonder that Jesus would use the very material of which he was made? After obediently following Jesus orders to go and wash in the pool of Siloam, the man awoke to sunshine that he could see, birds in the air that were not just sounds but also visual images of the very freedom he was experiencing. He saw, not just heard, people jostling others as they rushed about in their work. And oh! So much more. As he joyously returned to his home and his neighbors  parents with this great news, he was met not with praises for God’s work but a silent astonishment. Instead of praising God, his parents would later tell the priests; he is of age ask him how he was healed. They all “failed the test.”

The neighbors, the city dwellers, the priests all had opportunity to give God praise. Instead they scoffed and turned him away.

So how did he respond?

Overcome with praise for seeing that which he had only heard, the man goes to the very place of worship where he would not be turned away; the Temple. Even if everyone else has “failed the test” he has not, for once again he hears the Master’s voice.  The Master says you have heard but now you will see Me.  Once again Jesus allows the man to not just hear but now to see him.  Unlike those who saw the miracle but scoffed, he bent in humble adoration, believed and worshiped the One who gave him sight.

When Jesus touches your life do you allow others to scoff and seek to deny your gift of spiritual sight or do you return to the Gift giver and believe and worship?

What will Jesus say about you? Have you passed the test? 


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  • I don’t know if I pass or fail the “tests”. It feels like my faith is continuously tried/tested. Holding fast to His living word, I remain grateful for the gospel that was made know to me.. those many years ago. I am no Gideon who started out fearfully threshing his wheat down in the pit of a winepress.. only a few short months later roaming the countryside making threats to tear their flesh with thorns and briers, sometimes I do see myself as Piglet – a small fearful character, easily blown in the winds of Blustery ‘Windsdays’! (Winnie-the-Poo) The Faith of real people, like Gideon, and Nehemiah – a simple cup bearer, and even this blind man who stood up to testify of God’s healing and goodness, coach me and give me confidence to believe and hope in the truth of God’s love and forgiveness. To be fully known and fully loved by Him gives me courage like that blind man to say – I don’t know everything – I do know only God can be so good – so holy – so perfect, and He accepts me, He accepts us all, not wanting even one of us to perish.

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