Psalm 132: A Gentle Reminder

Psalm 132 “O Lord…In Prayer I come …to remember the acts of service of others. “

Prayer is coming before God humbly seeking Him and Him only 

How often do we begin our prayers asking God to not forget a specific person? It seems like many, we often begin as the thief on the cross “Remember “me” when you come into your kingdom,” but we fail to ask God to remember a loved one or a friend’s acts of service BEFORE we plead for ourselves.

 When you have faced a strenuous effort, as David did, it would behoove us to ask God to not waste that effort. Solomon asked that his father’s work be held up as an example of steadfast endurance. He doesn’t want that hardship to have been wasted and so he begins by asking God to remember his father’s vow and how he earnestly sought to fulfill it. Not only did his father make a vow and seek to fulfill it,but he lost sleep over it and others heard of it as well. David made a start but Solomon would complete it. In the meantime, Solomon was bringing his petition to God for his father David’s sake reiterating the truth of Hebrews: “God,you are not unjust so as to forget his work…” [Heb 6:10  author’s thoughts]

As you go to prayer, stop and consider others acts of service and ask God to remember them before you seek your own petitions.  

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