Do you know God?

Ps 139 “God Knows” King David reflected that God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. He not only has those character qualities, but He is the God, the El Roi, who sees and cares; the Manna or Bread of Life upon which we may feed; the Living Water from which we may quench our spiritual thirst. […]

My Prayer Walk Just Got a New Lease on Life….

As I closed the book of John I was an eyewitness to Jesus as he prayed in the Garden for God to remove the cup before him and yet “not thy will but thine be done” was the answer. Today in Psalm 141 I can visualize the Psalmist is in the mode of prayer and […]

Is My Lens Functioning? 1Cor 14

Lighthouses are fascinating. Their lens are rotating and emit light to show the ship captain the direction he is to use to navigate a treacherous channel to safety. The church is to be a lighthouse for the lost. Therefore, it is crucial that the lenses are cleaned often and they are operational 24/7. The Corinthian […]