“The Real Christmas…It’s More Than Just Christmas Wrappings”

Jude 1:1 “The Real Christmas…It’s More Than Just Christmas Wrappings” Where did summer go? Wasn’t it just Resurrection Day? But, here we are in October and the stores are brimming with holiday trappings. It won’t be long before we purchase gifts for loved ones and wrap them with care. Just as we choose with the […]

“You Are Called! You are Significant”

Some days we feel rather insignificant in our walk with Jesus. On days like that we need to take a moment and walk through 1Corinthians 1 to see who we are in God’s eyes. Paul begins by saying he is “called to be an apostle.” The word call in Greek means invited, thus Paul was […]

Acts 7 “I Surrender All”

The hymn “I Surrender All” is a testimony of one, who in obedience to the Holy Spirit, discovered that when we yield, God opens the fount of blessing that had been hidden in the cleft of the rock but shielded from view by our faltering steps. When God calls you to His side, one of […]

Fruitful or Barren…Which are you???

In the cold dark of winter here in the northern hemisphere one rarely thinks of fruit bearing for the ground is hard and the trees are barren. Psalm 1 uses the imagery of a tree to refer to a person that is blessed, lush and fruit bearing. The condition for the person to be fruitful […]