“The Real Christmas…It’s More Than Just Christmas Wrappings”

gift wrapping jude 1Jude 1:1 “The Real Christmas…It’s More Than Just Christmas Wrappings”

Where did summer go? Wasn’t it just Resurrection Day? But, here we are in October and the stores are brimming with holiday trappings. It won’t be long before we purchase gifts for loved ones and wrap them with care. Just as we choose with the recipient in mind, so God, in eternity past, chose us and then called us not because we were better or more handsome or some other characteristic but purely because of His love. Just as He told the children of Israel of His reason to choose them the same principle applies to us. It isn’t because we are more numerous, smarter or have more in other ways. No God chose them and He chooses us because of His love and His faithfulness to the promise He made.

Unlike the Israelites who were in Egyptian bondage to a cruel despot we were or are in bondage to an even crueler despot, Satan. Just as God planned their redemption so He planned for ours through His Son Jesus Christ who paid our debt on the cross. He redeemed us from clutches of Satan. And then just like a gift, God wraps us up in His love and keeps us until Jesus Christ either calls us home to heaven or He returns to take us as His pure virgin to the Father.

We are wrapped waiting that special Christmas morning when we will be unwrapped and clothed in our new eternal garments.

Think about this as you begin your “Christ”-mas shopping.  

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