What Would You Pay for a Pearl?

pearl of great price2aProverbs 24 “The Pearl of Great Price”

Pirates search the Caribbean looking for sunken treasure. Yet God’s treasure is not hidden but found in Jesus Christ. The pearls of great price are hidden except to those who choose to dive into the depth of God’s Word and accept His plan.

To an oyster a grain of sand is annoying; an uninvited visitor.  Unable to remove it from its shell, it works hard to cover it over with a substance that when hardened becomes a pearl. It takes great pains and a price to cover that grain of sand. So in like manner, our sin is our uninvited visitor. We can attempt to cover it by working hard or seek to buy it through many sacrifices but only the covering of Jesus’ blood will make us like the pearl. Then we will know the truth of what Isaiah the prophet said: Isa 43:4 you are precious and special in my sight, and I love you,”  When Jesus has completed his work we become His pearl of great price. Our sin is covered with His blood that He shed on the cross.

Jesus used that analogy in the parable of the kingdom of heaven: He said it is “like a merchant searching for fine pearls, when he found a pearl of great value, he went out and sold everything he had and bought it.” [Matt 13] Jesus’ point is obvious—there is no prize greater! It begins when we allow the blood of Jesus to cover that annoying grain of sand called sin. We can’t buy it or work for it but we must be willing to forsake everything to become that pearl of great price.

Jesus loves you and wants you to be His pearl.

Will you let Him cover your ‘uninvited visitor” called sin with His blood? 



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