Acts 20 The Ephesians were incredibly saddened when Paul said they would not see him again. Yet, even in their sorrow, they were encouraged that although they would remain in Ephesus and Paul would be “on the go” once again, the ministry would go forward, and the book of Revelation reveals to us how that took place as the Apostle John recalls their footprints. Twice, John noted that they labored steadfastly, endured, and did tolerate evil. They even put to the test those who referred to themselves as apostles (but were not) when they discovered that they were false. This was their footprint for us…even though later Jesus notes that they had left their first love.

Beloved, whether you live in one place from birth to death or are like Paul, living out of a suitcase, always on the go from place to place, you are leaving your footprint in the sands of time. Be encouraged to remain steadfast, enduring to the end that one day you may hear from the Savior: You have been faithful to the end; enter into my joy and my kingdom!

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