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Ezek 28-31 Destiny

Throughout history, there have risen many leaders who boasted of their prowess and their accomplishments. King Solomon warns that those who self-exalt will be humbled, and as it was written, so it came to be. Nebuchadnezzar boasted of the city Babylon as the work of his hands and spent the next 7 yrs. living as a wild animal. God was gracious to bring his kingdom back, and he wrote of that experience that we can read in the book of Daniel. But two other leaders will not be so fortunate. The King of Tyre will be overthrown, as will Pharaoh of Egypt. In both scenarios, Ezekiel is to remind them that what He has said, He will do for He is the “Lord who rules over all,” repeatedly over and over in Malachi.

Why has God recorded all of these stories for us? He wants us to know that the circumstances of life are brief, and He alone is God both now and eternally. He raises up and puts down leaders, and He is gracious to the humble and destroys the self-exalted. He alone is God, and He alone is to be praised.

James wrote: Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you. [James 4:10] God looks at the heart, not what we have accomplished. 

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