“It isn’t fair!”

Ezekiel 24-28 and beyond. “It’s not fair.”

The elders sat around Ezekiel, wondering what was going on and why they were in Babylon. While they are pining away, they are saying it isn’t fair that we are in Babylon while our enemies walk free and clear of their sins, How often do we say the same: Why me? Why not them? So, in this time, God graciously shows them that although they sinned and are now in exile for that sin, there will come a time when all of the wrongs will be made right. God will reveal Himself to these enemies one last time so they may know He is Lord of all and has spoken in order that they might repent and be saved.

How often are we, like Thomas or the Jews of Jesus’ day, looking for signs? Jesus told the Pharisees that the only sign He would give them was His resurrection. Over and over, He had revealed His power through miracles, but they closed their hearts, eyes, and ears. The exiles are just like them. God sent prophet after prophet to warn them, but they rejected them, and now they are here in Babylon, asking why.

God is so patient and long-suffering. Do I ask why instead of seeking Him and seeking to do good? Do I listen to the Word rather than obeying the Word?

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