What is on God’s Mind?

Ezekiel 35-37 Ezekiel continues to prophesy what God has told him, but these chapters are particularly confusing for us, and I wonder if it was for him.

First, God reminds Mt. Seir or the Edomites, who are Esau’s descendants, that He is angry with them for their treatment of their brethren in Judah. Thus, He has planned judgment for them and will not turn back so that they will know that “I am the Lord.” Amid this, God says He will renew Israel, so they too will know “He is the Lord.” When God exhibits His power, do I know it was Him and not me?

Secondly, God will bring new life into dead bones, which is a picture of our deadness and the new life Christ gives to us. When this happens, we too will know that “He is the Lord.” Without His power, salvation is merely a set of words, but when the Holy Spirit enters us, we come to new life and see our life with a purpose.

Both excerpts have a principle: God is sovereign over life and death. His power vindicates the enemy’s lies and restores us to new life. 

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