The Sovereign Lord…

Ezekiel 38-39 End of the End

God has spoken, and it will come to pass that all of God’s enemies will be found in their guilt. That was then, but this is today, so how do we take a passage like this and make it relevant? Look about you, Christian, and see the enemies of our souls. They are in our midst in social media and in false teachers and preachers. Peter told his audience to be sober and alert, for the enemy of our souls is not quiet but is like a roaring lion stalking his prey. [1 Peter 5:8] A former pastor said he has a “hit list” of those who need salvation and those who profess but do not possess by their life the living Word of God.

Ezekiel is shown the enemies of His people. Like then, we have today those around our world who say they will “devise an evil plan.” [Ezek 38:10] But, God is sovereign, and His plan will supersede any that the enemy devises. Even in Ezekiel 38, it is the Sovereign Lord who speaks and reminds them He has placed His prophets in the world to proclaim His zeal and His fury to ‘make my holy name known in the midst of my people, Israel.” [Ezek 38:7] God gave Israel His prophets, but the greatest prophet came in the Living Word of God: Christ!

Be alert beloved! Be on your guard! Jesus said, stay awake and pray that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. [Matt 26:41]


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